Engineering with Next Generation Technology

Therma-Tech Engineering is a leader in the industry. Our team of engineers has the knowledge and experience to tackle any design challenge. From low cost auxiliary heaters to complex heater/defrost/AC systems with multiple vehicle components, we deliver real results that exceed expectations. 

Utilizing various 3-D modeling platforms, along with our vast library of component level subsystems, our designers and project engineers collaborate to design systems that meet your requirements while maximizing efficiency and containing costs.


Electric Vehicles:

All Electric systems are an innovative way to power the future. Therma-Tech Engineers create fully electrical, complete HVAC systems with efficient, compact modular designs.

Transit Bus:

Because they work 24/7, 365 days a year, transit bus manufacturers turn to Therma-Tech Engineers to provide the heat and air conditioning to keep customers comfortable.


Construction vehicles are designed to handle the toughest tasks. An HVAC system that runs smoothly should be the least of worries. We design our systems to meet the most grueling requirements.

Specialized Vehicles:

Your vehicles are unique to your needs and the specific job. Our team of engineers and designers can create a custom system for your demands.

We Will Build the Perfect HVAC For You

Comprehensive Service

The engineering department of AR Lintern specializes in the creation of product concept, design, development, testing, the assembly process, and troubleshooting. The engineering team works with clients to ensure that the product we develop meets all requirements.

Custom Systems

We customize each HVAC system based on client specifications. Our unique approach tailors every system to its end use so a unit built by AR Lintern is made to last and provide years of trouble-free service.

Advanced Engineering

We know that the quality of our products is only as good as the instruments and tools we use. At AR Lintern we utilize innovative technology and research to create and design HVAC systems. Our environmental evaluators include HVAC systems calorimeter and vibration test cells.

Industry Experience

With over 66 years of experience, designing, manufacturing and engineering high quality HVAC systems an AR Lintern specialty. Our systems are 100% customizable and compatible with a diverse range of transportation vehicles.